What Lights Up Best - Wall Lights Or Floor Lamps

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So you have finished with the construction of your house. You are now looking for the little details nowthe flooring, the plumbing and all the electrical work. Well the flooring and the plumbing are not really your major concern as the people you will hire will be more than efficient to do a marvelous job. The floors will be laid down in no time with Italian marble or beautiful tiles or washable, termite resistant timber. The plumbing will stay hidden behind the walls and will be up in no time too. What is more pressing is the matter of lighting up your crib in the darkness. After all, you cant have fireflies or glow worms do that job, can you now?!

When going for the correct wall lights and floor lamps you must note that the color and intensity of the light emitted should match the rooms mood and texture. Themes also determine what kind of a light you will want to use. A bedroom calls for soft and soothing lighting, specifically table lamps. The light should not be hurtful or irritating like the person next you should not shudder into wakefulness when you turn on that table lamp! Floor lamps are also important as they will help you get to the bathroom without tripping or falling and also not waking the whole house up by turning on the ceiling lights. Floor lamps are also extremely energy efficient, so they can be kept on the whole night if you want to. Go for soft colored floor lamps like Flos Arco, as these colors are soft yet provide suitable illumination. Never go for red colored lightimagine waking up from a nightmare or getting up after watching a spine shivering horror movie and finding yourself in the hallway, illuminated with a dimmed blood red colored light! Thats just not right!
For kitchens and bathrooms any kind of wall lights will do, if they are bright enough. Go for white or yellow lighting. These two places require sufficient illumination, so pay attention while buying. For the door step go for an old fashioned lamp to add a classic feeling yet also know whos at the door when looking through that scope at the door. If you have a pool go for soft and muted blue lightingit adds to the calmness of the water.
There are plenty of options and every kind of expensive lighting has a cheaper alternativeso look carefully and choose wisely!
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The good interior decoration and illumination is definitely incomplete without the wall lights and the floor lamps.

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What Lights Up Best - Wall Lights Or Floor Lamps

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This article was published on 2011/04/14