Tips for Making Your Own Glass Lamp Shades

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Have you thought about making stained glass lamp shades of your own? If so, this article should help you understand how much fun this hobby is for many people. To begin, it can be difficult when you first start, but with time, it will eventually start to become easier.

This hobby can be difficult for a few reasons. First of all, a lamp shade is an odd shape. It is more difficult to work on than something flat, such as a door or flat window. This difficult shape can make it challenging to accurately prepare glass for a lamp shade. I usually suggest that you begin your new hobby with with something a little easier.

If you have decided that you are up to the challenge of working on a beautiful stained glass shade, the success you achieve will depend on the pattern you choose. It is always harder to work with a pattern that is folded or distorted. In order to make it easier, you might want to consider a pattern from a picture or book.

When preparing stained glass windows, creating the pattern on a big piece of glass is the first thing you will want to do. This same rule applies when making glass lamp shades or covers. You will then need a glass cutter so that you can cut around the edges of your pattern.

Once you have completed this process, you can put the pieces together. This creates your lamp shade pattern through the joints. With a window made from stained glass, these pieces are joined in one spot; however, for lamp shades, each wall will need to be done individually. The majority of lamp shades have six walls, then they are joined together where the walls end. After these walls are joined together, you will need to pull them all up.

It is important that the edges of your pieces are all smooth when you are ready to attach the walls. It will be extremely difficult to join them together if they are not smooth. When you are preparing the various shapes needed for your lamp shade, you will need a solder. Rather than soldering from the edges, you should use both the front and back sides of the piece. If you accidentally get solder on some of the edges, it will be necessary to melt it away before the walls are joined.

Putting the walls intact is where many people have difficulties. You will need to start all over if one of your pieces falls off or breaks. This can definitely be frustrating. It can be helpful to use something that will provide some support as you are putting together the walls of your lamp shade. A great tool to use for this purpose is a piece of wire. After you have completed the soldering, you can simply remove your wire.

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Tips for Making Your Own Glass Lamp Shades

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Tips for Making Your Own Glass Lamp Shades

This article was published on 2013/12/06