Save Money On Energy Costs With Infrared Lamps By Anderson Thermal Devices

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Energy costs are continuing to rise, forcing companies to be innovative, improve product quality, increase line speeds and reduce utility costs. New sources of innovation are needed in the process heating industry to help businesses improve their manufacturing processes as they adapt the current energy climate. One company is leading the field in this regard.

Anderson Thermal Devices, Inc. based in Hawthorne, NJ is an expert company with a decade long history of providing their customers with the most efficient and innovative products for the process heating industry. Their highly experienced engineers are constantly working with their clients to find new ways to save them money on utility costs and improve line speeds. Through this expert company, customers can choose from a wide selection of infrared heaters, heating lamps and cassettes. Additionally, customers of Anderson Thermal Devices are encouraged to speak with one of their industry leading engineers who can help to design a customized lamp or heater panel, which is fitted and modeled to exact specifications, for the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.

Anderson Thermal Devices will guide their clients through the presale process by helping them to find the infrared heaters, heating lamps or cassettes that fit the specific performance criteria for their application Once criteria concerning matters such as energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental standards has been discussed and established, the engineers will immediately begin their work and then continue to update the customer on their progress while the manufacturing process takes place.

For customers searching for difficult to find medium and shortwave T-3 or T-4 infrared lamps, Anderson Thermal Devices should be your first and only port of call. As the leader for innovation in the process heating industry, the companys vast range of infrared lamps is unparalleled.

For processes that involve the application of high intensity heat, they offer their Shortwave T-3 model. This highly adaptable lamp produces element temperatures of up to 4000F through the utilization of shortwave infrared radiation. For companies that are searching for lamps that offer higher wattages at medium wavelengths, consider their medium wavelength emitters.

Perhaps the best benefit to shortwave heating devices is that they heat up and cool down quickly, manufacturing lines are not slowed while waiting for the product to meet optimal operating temperature. Because the medium wave infrared lamp model has six times the emitting surface of the shortwave version, the lamp filament can operate at far lower temperatures, thus eliminating most of the visible light. In addition, this superior product is one of the most reliable and long lasting on the market. The sealed construction of the Fast Response medium wave [FRMW] T-3 infrared lamp allows for an extended life expectancy in excess of 5,000 hours. Their un-evacuated medium wavelength lamps utilize a Kanthal emitter that is non oxidizing resulting in longer life.

For additional flexibility, their unique line of infrared lamps are available in several lengths and in 100-200 wattage ranges per linear inch, to ensure the perfect fit for the application. Call the experts at Anderson Thermal Devices today and see how much money their expert engineering can help you company save on your energy costs!

About Anderson Thermal Devices:

Based in Hawthorne New Jersey, Anderson Thermal Devices provides state-of-the-art infrared lamps, heaters and cassettes to companies from a plethora of different industries, each designed to suit specific manufacturing processes for the ultimate in cost and energy efficiency. For more information, please go to Andersonthermal.
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Anderson Thermal Devices [ATD] specializes in providing the Process Heating Industry with multiple choices of Infrared Heaters, lamps, and cassettes. Our engineers have decades of experience in applications of infrared in various industries and will be glad to help you chose the best heaters for your application. For more information, please visit

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Save Money On Energy Costs With Infrared Lamps By Anderson Thermal Devices

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This article was published on 2010/10/27