LED Piano Lamps 101

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LED piano lamps add a modern touch to a time honored tradition. For centuries, a light by the piano was essential for the musician to see the sheet music and keys. In the early days, candles provided essential light for musicians. With the advent of electricity, piano lamps were created to shed directed light where it was needed most. Today LED piano lamps are a green way to illuminate essential musical areas.

LED actually stands for "light-emitting diode". These lamps are energy efficient with a slim design and because their light bulbs are smaller than traditional bulbs, low profiles designs are possible. They are also cost efficient and convenient for performers because the bulb lasts much longer than a regular light bulb.

LED piano lamps are high efficiency. These power-packed little lamps can offer more than 100 lumens from a one-watt device. They are lightweight, portable and shed the most light possible from the smallest fixture. Without carrying around a cumbersome lamp, musicians get the illumination they need with a lamp that is easy to transport.

The small size of LED lamps offers greater design flexibility for the type of light desired. LED's can be arranged in rings, clusters, rows or individual points based on the direction of light a musician prefers. They are also very durable as the bulbs have no filament or tube to break during transportation.

With traditional lamps, a performer is never sure when the bulb will give out. Besides transporting the lamp, a musician needs to bring extra light bulbs to ensure the show will go on. With LED piano lamps, the light bulb life span can last up to 30,000 hours. A musician will have many performances before the bulb in an LED lamp needs to be changed.

Other long-lasting lamps for piano don't offer the pure simplicity of LED piano lamps. Unlike most HID technologies and fluorescent lighting, LED's are mercury-free. Performers enjoy green, long-lasting light without the fear of hazardous halogen gases or mercury. This is especially important during transportation when bulbs might get broken and emit harmful gases.

Another benefit of these types of lamps is their ability to be dimmed by using pulse-width modulation. Performers create the exact lighting they want to set a scene during a show. Much like any other piano lamps, LED piano lamps are an eye-catching focal point during a pianist's performance.

LED lamps come in a variety of styles, shapes, designs and colors. Just like old-fashioned piano lamps, they can be modern, antiqued, streamlined or simple. Choose one based on the type of music played and the atmosphere of the performance venues.

Unlike traditional lamps for pianos, LED's don't require frequent bulb changing. This attractive feature saves time and money. Performers don't have to think about replacing bulbs or running out of light. This gives musicians more time and energy to focus on the really important stuff - like playing beautiful music for an enraptured audience.

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LED Piano Lamps 101

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This article was published on 2010/03/27