Home Lamps Reveal Your Personality

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If you have decided to incorporate a few home lamps into your home decor, you will soon see that going shopping for lamps is akin to setting out on an adventure. When you walk into a store selling lighting for the home, you are sure to be completely stunned by sheer variety of lamps to choose from. Rustic, textured lamps made of woven abaca, wicker and rattan offer a direct contrast to the smooth textured porcelain and ceramic lamps. In another corner, wrought iron lamps and antique bedside table lamps vie for your attention while a few leather table lamps stand stately and silent.

Which one should you choose? As you look around, slowly taking in the different styles of lamps for the home, you will find that one or two styles from amongst them all will beckon to you. Inadvertently, you will find yourself being inextricably drawn towards a style that fits in with your personality. It's true, your choice of lighting reveals a lot about your personality.

Leather Lamps: Stately, tough and radiating class and character, a leather home lamp is a sign of determination, self-confidence and steely strength of character.

Beaded Lamps: Your penchant for beaded lamps is a sure sign that you are quirky, casual, friendly and fun-loving. You love to watch the way the beads come to life as they light up and flicker when the lamp is lit.

Ceramic Lamps: If you find that your first choice of lamps are those made of ceramic, you may have a calm, cool personality that is unlikely to be easily ruffled. You like the simple curved or straight lines and smooth textures  - and will not stand for anything that contributes to a cluttered look.

Rustic Lamps: Rustic lamps signify a love for nature. You have an earthy personality and are very dependable. You love textures as much as you love the colors of nature.

Wrought Iron Lamps: Your whimsical and artistic nature is revealed in your love for wrought iron lamps. You love to create things.

Tiffany Lamps: Tiffany lamps are likely to be the first choice of individuals who have a sophisticated yet earthy lifestyle and enjoy the finer things in life.

Porcelain Lamps with Flowery Designs: A die hard romantic who loves florals and soft lighting would go straight for porcelain lamps in soft colors and flowery designs.

Crystal Lamps: You are elegant and sophisticated and you love all things that spell class.

Irrespective of what style of lighting for the home you choose in the other rooms, it is your choice of bedside table lamps that will seal the deal. While Victorian styled lamps with low wattage bulbs would mean you are innately romantic at heart, a chrome bedside reading lamp reveals a practical nature.

So, which personality type describes you best...quirky, classy, creative, romantic, or practical? The home lamps you choose tell a lot about you.

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Home Lamps Reveal Your Personality

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This article was published on 2010/03/29