Foscarini Troag The Wooden Suspension Lamp

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The wooden Foscarini Troag lamp is produced on a concept that the designer conceived in his mind after seeing the traditional kitchen utensil used in Sweden. The utensil with the shape of a canoe is passed down the generations. Not only the shape but also the material of wood has not been changed in the manufacture of this utility suspension lamp. The lamp has is carved out using wood.


Troag is the name of the kitchen utensil from which the designer of this lamp has conceived the idea. It is used in Sweden and is made of wood. The designer has taken the idea and used it as it is in the lamp. Troag is carved out from wood and so is the lamp with the only difference that it has two additional colors obtained by applying lacquer on the wood. The light source used in Foscarini Troag is a florescent lamp. The bulb is seen from outside and the other parts of the florescent lamp are hidden behind the bulb. The lamp is available in three sizes of small medium and large. The largest one is more than two meters in length.


Illumination of Foscarini Troag is straight forward as it is the light emitted from the florescent lamp that falls directly on the object to be lit. The only way to change the intensity of light is to change the lamp. This is possible because there are lamps of three sizes. Intensity of the light could be changed by changing the height of the lamp too.


The Troag from Foscarini is intended for special applications. It is a good option for kitchen tables. Majority of occasions where this lamp is going to be used are the laboratory work benches, drawing table and other technical applications. These places need to be well lit. Therefore these lamps are well suited for such applications. The level of illumination could be achieved by using the lamp of the correct size. For this reason lamps are made available in three sizes. Adjustment of height also could be used to change the illumination provided. With all these options being available, these lamps become the best items to be purchased.
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Foscarini Troag The Wooden Suspension Lamp

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This article was published on 2010/10/05