Different Types of Lamps

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Lamps are also known as light fixtures. These are popular electrical devices that can provide artificial illumination into a place that is dark. The use of lamp is very indispensable in the life of every people. People cannot live without light and survival rate of people into this world will decrease if there is no available artificial light especially at night. It is not surprising to find out that there are various types of lamps in streets, homes, offices, and stores. The incandescent lamp is on the oldest lamp that you can see nowadays. Aside from its usefulness as lightning, this type of lamp is also cheaper compared to other types of lamp. However, this lamp is not very efficient when you talk about energy conversion. The energy being produced inside this lamp is converted into heat. This is the main reason why there are additional costs as well as cooling problem in areas with warm weather.

Other types of lamps are the fluorescent lamp. This is a very popular type of lamp. This light comes in both warm and cool white. This type of lamp is brighter compared to incandescent lamp because this kind of light does not dim. You can find variety of shapes and colors for this type of lamp. Fluorescent lights are usually used in work places or offices because of the bright effect that they can provide into a place. They can also be found on schools where children needs enough lightning to be able to study well. Fluorescent light is also affordable and efficient as well.

Aside from incandescent and florescent light, there is also LED light or the Light Emitting Diodes lamps. This type of lightning is considered as probable source of a very good lightning. During older times, LED is being used as an indicator light for different electronic equipment. In today's modern world, LED can be used in wide array of lightning applications. They can function as decorative lights and placed inside holiday lights like in Christmas lights. There are plentiful types of lamps. Every home, office, establishment, and school definitely uses one of these different types of lamps. Light is vital for people's everyday life and without the presence of an artificial light everything in this world is not possible.

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Different Types of Lamps

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This article was published on 2010/09/27